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Behind The Lens: Meechy718 (Part Deux)


What are you leaving behind in 2022?

Self doubt and high expectations. Thoughts that make me feel like I'm not doing enough or there is some type of time period. People that don't contribute or support anything I follow in life. Just leeches

Who is your biggest celebrity crush (career or personality)?

Megan Good was the one. Or Nia Long. Either way you can't go wrong.

Did you grow up playing game nights, movie nights, Sunday dinner or music in or around your household?

Me and my cousins were locked in either outside getting into trouble or on the system playing games. After we left East NY I just took to the computer and music when I was home.

What made you choose the music industry versus a nine to five?

Truthfully I do both right now. I just picked it up February 2022. But the music route is just my path. Medicinal, but also share your stories and feelings with anyone that relates or enjoys. The whole world can't live without music.

Describe your fans in one word and explain.

They forreal they don't cut no bs or sugarcoat lol. If I take long to drop something after they heard a snippet they gon get on me. But most of all are supportive! I went through a lot of sound scapes and they stick with me no matter what. Fams not fans and I appreciate every one of em.

What's your most quotable lyric?

"Fiesta! Hoodrich gon pop out the tesla!" Long Live Hoodrich Keem!

What has been your worst experience in the music industry?

Money hungry people lol. Like if you not locked in or making connects and relationships everything is gonna want a dollar out of you. Money always talk, but it get to a point, people start impersonating others making fake pages tryna get you to pay for some play. It's crazy!

Do you think you need more copyrights to your music or should it be free for sampling?

As long as I'm making my shares from it too I would love to be sampled that's how you make the music legendary. Everything is copyrighted tho.

What is missing from the arts in your hometown/city?

See we got a lot of arts in Brooklyn. Our musicians, sports players, teachers, the kids in band camps, I can't lie we got a lil renaissance going on right now. The only thing missing is an underground creative union.

What project do you have out right now that potential fans should listen to and where can people connect with you?

My first tape on SoundCloud MORE LOVE LESS HATE. And songs like ENERGY, IN THE GHETTO, FIESTA, 718 INTERLUDE, & HOW I'M FEELIN' LATELY coming soon.

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