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Devon Gilfillian Reflects On How To Live "The Good Life"


If you're an outsider, you would tend to think most people can't accept your way of living. Devon Gilfillian wants people to realize we all are living The Good Life. This new harmonic progression and soulful rendition is taking steps in the right direction. Although raised in Nashville, Devon is focused on being the change and unifier needed in today's society. Devon speaks about the single saying:

I wanted to write a song about how beautiful it is that someone has a different belief system, different skin color, or comes from a different country. This country is made up of people who came from many different countries. That’s what makes this country so beautiful. Only when we embrace each other’s differences with love, while ACTUALLY acknowledging each other’s past, will we find understanding and change.

Directors Jonah Best and Rahul Sharma use a collage of photos to represent the differences of people and also how the #BLM movement creates singularity across this nation. With the Help of Capitol Records, this single is off the recent album release Black Hole Rainbow available here. Be sure to look out for more Devon and the good work he's putting into his foundation The Good Life Fund. Check out the official lyrical video below.

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