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G-Eazy Invites Fans To The "Freak Show" With New Single "Anxiety"

Written By: Big C


G-Eazy has just dropped exciting news revealing his seventh studio album Freak Show on June 21st!. This announcement comes alongside the debut of his brand new single, Anxiety. Known for his raw lyrical honesty and compelling beats, G-Eazy's plays into his emotional personal struggles with mental health. The album marks G-Eazy's first full-length project in nearly three years, signaling a powerful return to the music scene. In "Anxiety," G-Eazy opens up about his mental state, sharing lines like:

Some days I’m high/Throw my pain away/Just to get by/It’s easier that way.

Reflecting on his journey, he states:

It’s about the ups and downs of my mental state, a moment of self-reflection and honesty.

Produced in collaboration with top industry talents and released via RCA Records, "Freak Show" is expected to showcase a diverse range of musical influences and styles. The album's announcement is complemented by the news of G-Eazy’s "Freak Show" world tour, kicking off on October 24 in Berkeley, CA. This tour will span North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, bringing his dynamic performances to major cities worldwide.

Pre-order the blend of introspection and energetic rhythms of the album here. Listen to the official audio to "Anxiety" below and stream your own copy here.

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