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HRVY Shares New Single "Me Because Of You"


Since coming to the main stage life seems to be an adventure for HRVY. Teaming up with producer Earwulf, over a subtle guitar riff and thumping lasers comes the new single Me Because Of You. Transported to another dimension HRVY is experience life changes in his career. HRVY says:

I’ve never felt more connected to music that I’ve created. The last couple of years have been a huge learning curve and have helped me write much more emotive songs as I’ve actually been able to experience real life events. This song is super important to me. It came from a fan’s comment on Instagram, which is mad to say that it’s now become its own song. I remember sitting on a plane on the way back from Asia and thinking of a way to represent this new music and new me. I drew a really terrible sketch on my phone of the world that me and my music lives in.

With the assist from Matthias Hoene, the brand new visuals get futuristic effect to the mind of the rising star. Be sure to see HRVY traveling the globe this coming year. Before then make sure you download your copy of the single here. Also check out the official video below.

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