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IDAHO Releases First Album In Over 13 Years: "Lapse"

Written By: Big C


Groundbreaking slowcore pioneers IDAHO have returned with their first full-length album in over 13 years. Titled Lapse and released via Arts & Crafts, this album marks a significant milestone for the band and its followers. Led by the multi-talented Jeff Martin, IDAHO has maintained a cult following since the early 90s, thanks to their unique sound that blends melancholic, four-string guitar tones with introspective lyrics. "Lapse" promises to captivate both long-time fans and new listeners alike, offering a fresh yet nostalgic experience. As Jeff Martin candidly puts it:

IDAHO will help you get through a challenging time in your life or bore and confuse the shit out of you.

This quote encapsulates the dual nature of IDAHO's music—deeply moving for some, while perhaps perplexing for others. The creation of "Lapse" saw collaboration with guitarist Robby Fronzo and the return of 90s drummer Jeff Zimmitti. The release of "Lapse" is a testament to the band's enduring legacy and Martin's relentless creativity. Immerse yourself in IDAHO’s unique soundscape by following them on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and TIKTOK. Watch the official videos for Across The Sky and get your copy of the album here.

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