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Jack Manley Takes A Soulful Dive With "Unmeasurable Terms" EP

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Chelsea Kyle

Jack Manley offers listeners an intimate journey of self-discovery and resilience with his debut EP, Unmeasurable Terms. Manley heartfelt melodies and lyrics delves into the depths of his struggles with addiction, recovery, and personal growth, inviting audiences to join him on a cathartic exploration of life's complexities. As a singer-songwriter hailing from the Hudson Valley, Manley's talents shine through as he bares his soul, weaving together themes of love, loss, and redemption. Echoing the sentiment of many who have been moved by his music, media outlets are saying:

Manley bares his soul in the raw new single Save Your Own, a gut-wrenching reflection on unhealthy attachments and the struggle to heal.

Each track on the EP serves as a sonic snapshot of Manley's journey, offering a glimpse into his innermost thoughts and emotions. Collaborating with drummer Josh Eppard of Coheed and Cambria, Manley creates a rich tapestry of sound that captivates listeners from start to finish. As Manley celebrates the release of "Unmeasurable Terms," he invited audiences to experience the EP firsthand at his hometown show at BIGCAT in Kingston, NY. This live performance promises to be a powerful testament to Manley's artistry and resilience, showcasing his ability to translate raw emotion into captivating musical experiences. Keep up with Jack Manley journey by follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Stream your copy of the EP here and watch the official track title video below.

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