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"SIS (Soft Is Strong)": KATSEYE's "Debut" EP Sets A New Standard In Global Pop

Written By: Big C


KATSEYE, the groundbreaking global girl group formed under K-pop methodologies, is set to release their debut EP, SIS (Soft Is Strong), on August 16. Comprising six members from diverse cultural backgrounds, including the USA, Switzerland, and South Korea, KATSEYE brings a fresh perspective to pop music with their blend of vibrant rhythms and empowering messages. The EP's first single, Debut, showcases their vocal prowess and individuality, accompanied by a vibrant video directed by Gregory Ohrel. KATSEYE in a statement about their upcoming EP shares:

SIS (Soft Is Strong) reflects our journey as a group—embracing strength through vulnerability and celebrating the bond we've formed despite our diverse origins

Media outlets like Vogue hailed them as:

Out to change the look and sound of modern pop as we know it.

Collaborating with renowned producers like Ryan Tedder and directors like Gregory Ohrel, KATSEYE's music and visuals resonate with a global audience. KATSEYE will perform at KCON LA 2024 on July 28, offering fans a preview of their electrifying stage presence and magnetic energy. Enjoy the global melange in the official video below and pre-save your copy of the EP here. Connect with KATSEYE on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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