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Smoove’L Continues To Impress On "4 The Fashion"

Written By: Jacob Wisda


While there’s no shortage of new musical talent in Brooklyn, few up-and-comers can match Smoove’L’s versatility. And for the second single off his upcoming album, he proves as much on 4 The Fashion. While the track features a slower beat than his previous work, the instrumentals remain as gripping as ever. Moreover, the young rapper’s confident, enthralling vocal performance continues to inspire awe.

After earning critical acclaim from Billboard, XXL, and Complex , Smoove’L has already established a strong reputation. And with Wondagurl producing his forthcoming album, fans should stay tuned for Smoove’s future releases. Listeners can stream the track from YoutTube down below. For updates on his projects and insight into the artist’s life, follow Smoove’L on Instagram, and Facebook.

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