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Take A "Night Ride" With Madeline Hawthorne

Written By: Big C


We all are just looking for a night to let go! Madeline Hawthorne showcases her unique blend of Western Americana in her latest single, Night Ride, offering a rugged yet poetic exploration of love and freedom. Produced by Ryan Hadlock, her upcoming album, Tales From Late Nights & Long Drives, promises a compelling fusion of storytelling and musicality. With "Night Ride" as a testament to her lyrical prowess, Hawthorne's music resonates with authenticity and depth. Madeline shares on the track:

It’s about the time I had with my husband during the pandemic. It’s rare we get that much time together without a million things to do. It was a silver lining to an incredibly challenging period.

Collaborating with Ryan Hadlock, Madeline Hawthorne's sound is enriched with layers of emotion and texture, creating a landscape where each note tells a story. As she embarks on her summer tour, kicking off at the Live Oak Music Festival in San Luis Obispo, CA, fans can expect to be transported on a journey through her evocative melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Don't miss the chance to experience the enchanting world of Madeline Hawthorne's music firsthand by following her on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER. Stream your own copy here and below.

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